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    1. Eco-Tech Recycling Center, located in Delhi, specializes in dismantling services for offices, banks, showrooms, and malls. We offer office partition removal and purchase services, disassembly of office cabins with buying options, and the removal and dismantling of various equipment such as fixed AC units, window ACs, split ACs, AC plants, AC ducting, UPS systems, servers, computers, and more. Additionally, we are active buyers of e-waste and IT scraps, solidifying our position as a leading E-waste management company in Delhi.

      For efficient office or showroom dismantling and demolition services in the Delhi area, please reach out to us. We handle dismantling projects for offices, shops, institutions, colleges, and more, with our primary goal being to make a significant contribution to a healthier and safer environment.

      Our Services Include:

      • Office Dismantling
      • Bank Dismantling
      • Showroom Dismantling
      • Mall Dismantling

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