Our E-waste Disposal Process

Our cutting-edge e-waste disposal approach sets us apart as a trusted and unique solution provider. Rely on us for a comprehensive e-waste management solution.

To initiate the process, simply schedule a pickup through our call center, and we’ll arrive at the designated location equipped with the necessary tools and machinery to safely handle all your e-waste. We then transport these materials to our fully equipped, R2-certified facility in Faridabad. With a dedicated fleet of specialized vehicles and trusted channel partners, we efficiently manage the reverse logistics.

The Process Unfolded:

Step 1: Our specialists gather crucial information about the type and quantity of e-waste and its location. This allows us to prepare for the procedure and provide a tailored quote based on the task’s complexity, timing, and effort.

Step 2: We schedule a pickup at your convenience.

Step 3: Trained professionals carefully collect the materials from the designated location using appropriate tools and equipment.

Step 4: The materials are securely and meticulously transferred to our facility.

Step 5: Our experts sort the materials, assessing their potential for future usability and evaluating any environmental or human hazards.

Step 6: Our trained professionals cautiously dismantle the materials, shredding them into smaller pieces.

Step 7: The shredding and segregation processes are executed meticulously by our experienced team.

Step 8: Following segregation, our experts dispose of or treat the materials in an environmentally responsible manner.


Our recycling process involves the collection of e-waste, meticulous sorting under expert supervision, and transportation using specialized, well-equipped vehicles. Subsequently, the waste is carefully dismantled, and valuable resources are recovered. In certain cases, dismantled or processed waste may be exported for precious metal recovery.

We have established our own collection and disposal system, supported by a fleet of vehicles that are rigorously tested, certified, and deemed safe for e-waste collection.

At the core of our e-waste recycling process is cutting-edge technology. Our dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly skilled professionals are committed to creating a pollution-free, environmentally responsible future.

Contact us to learn more about our On-Site Destruction services for E-waste. Together, let’s pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

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