About Us

We’re the leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in India, ensuring services ranging from collection and disposal of waste to recycling and generation of renewable energy. As a pioneer in asset management and electronics recycling, we have been delivering world-class services to ensure discarded electronic items are efficiently managed, disposed and recycled.

Our meticulously devised and carefully sorted dynamic portfolio of services includes the following:

  • Comprehensive and eco-friendly recycling services
  • Metal extraction solution
  • End-to-end E-Waste recycling

We possess a very strong state-of-the-art facility for extracting reusable resources from electronic waste. The process is undertaken under the strict supervision of our highly skilled, experienced staff. A team of personnel is specially appointed for ensuring that recycling jobs are performed without any negative impact on the environment. We are an eco-friendly organization and follow all measures to keep the environment happy and healthy to thrive in.

E-Waste Recycling in delhi

About New India Network: Pioneering Eco-Friendly E-Waste Recycling

Welcome to New India Network, where innovation meets environmental responsibility. We are a leading e-waste recycling company committed to driving positive change in India’s electronic waste management landscape. Our mission is to protect the environment, conserve resources, and promote sustainability through responsible e-waste recycling.

Our Vision

At New India Network, we envision a future where electronic waste is not a burden but an opportunity. We strive to lead the way in transforming the e-waste industry into a sustainable, eco-friendly sector that benefits both our planet and our communities.

Our Commitment

  1. Environmental Stewardship: We are dedicated to minimizing the adverse environmental impact of electronic waste. By recycling e-waste responsibly, we reduce the pollution and resource depletion associated with improper disposal.
  2. Data Security: We understand the importance of data security in today’s digital age. Our certified processes ensure that all data is securely wiped from devices before recycling, safeguarding your sensitive information.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: New India Network operates in strict compliance with local and international e-waste recycling regulations. We maintain the highest standards of accountability and transparency in our operations.
  4. Community Engagement: We believe in the power of community engagement. We actively educate and collaborate with local communities, businesses, and organizations to raise awareness about the importance of e-waste recycling.

Our Services

  1. E-Waste Collection: We offer hassle-free e-waste collection services, making it convenient for individuals and businesses to dispose of their electronic waste responsibly.
  2. Eco-Friendly Recycling: Our state-of-the-art recycling facility employs environmentally friendly methods to extract valuable materials from electronic devices, reducing the need for resource-intensive mining.
  3. Data Destruction: Our certified data destruction services guarantee the complete and secure removal of sensitive information from your devices, protecting your privacy.
  4. Customized Solutions: New India Network tailors its services to meet the unique needs of each client, whether you’re a small business, corporation, or individual.

Join Us in Building a Sustainable Future

At New India Network, we invite you to be a part of our journey towards a sustainable future. By choosing us as your e-waste recycling partner, you not only ensure responsible disposal but also contribute to the greater good of our planet.

Together, we can make a significant impact on reducing electronic waste, conserving resources, and fostering a cleaner, greener India. Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow through eco-friendly e-waste recycling.

Contact New India Network today to learn more about our services and how we can work together to create a more sustainable world.