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In the heart of bustling Mumbai, New India Network stands as a pioneering force in E-Waste Management, dedicated to redefining the city’s approach to responsible disposal and recycling of electronic waste.

Why Choose New India Network for E-Waste Management in Mumbai?

1. Pioneering Expertise: With years of specialized experience, our team possesses the extensive knowledge required to manage and process diverse electronic waste materials efficiently.

2. Sustainability at Heart: We are driven by a profound commitment to environmental sustainability. Our practices prioritize eco-friendliness, ensuring responsible disposal of hazardous materials and optimizing recycling of non-hazardous components.

3. Regulatory Excellence: Committed to compliance, New India Network strictly adheres to all government regulations. Rest easy, knowing your e-waste is managed within the boundaries of the law.

4. Data Security Champions: Your data is invaluable, and we treat it as such. Rigorous data sanitization processes are executed before any disposal, safeguarding your sensitive information.

5. Seamless Collection Services: Convenience is key. We offer seamless e-waste collection services across Mumbai. Our dedicated team ensures efficient pickup and safe transportation to our advanced processing facilities.

Our E-Waste Management Process

1. Collection: E-waste is gathered from various sources, including homes, businesses, and institutions, ensuring no device goes to waste.

2. Categorization and Sorting: Thorough categorization helps identify the optimal recycling or disposal methods for each type of electronic waste.

3. Data Security: Our stringent data sanitization protocols guarantee the complete removal of sensitive information from devices.

4. Recycling: Non-hazardous materials are recycled, reducing the need for new raw materials and contributing to resource conservation.

5. Responsible Disposal: Hazardous e-waste materials are safely and responsibly disposed of, adhering to stringent environmental regulations.

Get in Touch with New India Network

New India Network invites you to join us in our mission to make Mumbai cleaner and greener. Contact us today to schedule e-waste pickup or to learn more about our services.

Make the sustainable choice today – Choose New India Network for responsible E-Waste Management, supporting a cleaner and brighter future for Mumbai.

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